Award winning classical guitarist Stephen Yates has combined this experience with his other guise as a professional electric guitarist and added to this his love of world music to create a unique and beautiful set of pieces for acoustic steel string guitar. These pieces incorporate virtuosity with a profound expression offering a dazzling mix of sonorities and lyricism.

Stephen Yates has always maintained the widest possible interests in music and this reflects his current choice of projects

He performs regularly on the classical guitar, an instrument with which he has won several awards including Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Guitarist of the Year’ and the Vicente Sanchis Guitar Challenge. As a classical player he performs a wide ranging repertoire from Baroque through Romantic to Contemporary works

At the other end of the musical spectrum Stephen also performs on the electric guitar, playing audacious and breathtaking pieces he composes himself as well as pieces for solo electric guitar

When not performing or teaching he likes to compose and has written for everything from concertina to string quartet