How I Write My Compositions

I wanted to let you in on my method for composing my music and my pieces. After years of gaining experience with my instrument as well as composiong music I have come to a method that I have found to be effective for me.

I generally follow these steps that I am about to discuss however I do not always follow this method. Sometimes inspiration comes without thinking about anything. I would say writing music is a push and pull situation between thinking about the song and not thinking about it at all.

Before I get started, I set the environment in which I will be writing. I get my best gel pens in order, make some tea, light some incense and I’m ready to go.

The Sound of the Song

At this point I will not have picked up the guitar yet. I will be thinking about what sound or genre I am looking to write. For example I may choose to make a spanish influenced piece, or a middle eastern influenced piece. Once I have this decided I move onto the next step

The Key of the SongĀ 

I decided what key I think the song should be in. Sometimes I might decided to change the key if I feel the one I chose wasn’t right. However I generally have a good feel and sense for the key so this rarely is the case.

Writing the Root Notes

I now move on to writing the root notes of the song or piece. I think of the root notes from a bass perspective. Writing the root notes also helps determine what chords need to be played.

Deciding Which Notes Work

I then need to move on to writing the melody and this means figuring out which notes work and which notes do not work. I go about this by looking at the mode of the song in relation to the key. This gives me the outline of which notes will fit in to the key.

Finishing the Song

I then play the song a few times until I get a feel for it. I then record it on my computer and let it sit for a while after which I come back to it and review all of the above steps to make sure that I am happy with everything.

I then transpose the music onto blank sheet music. I have found gel pens are the best for this as it allows me to write with a flow making writing music a lot easier.

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